Learning to learn JavaScript

Sorry if this is wrong section… Ive been on and off doing JavaScript but it’s all self taught.

I would like a place or playlist of videos which teach the fundamentals which I can build on, ive seen so many on YouTube but none of it i can stick to.

I dont know how to learn basically I dont know what to do as a project. Any help is appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read.

Welcome on board

I too learnt python in that way, programming languages are to be self taught sometimes.

You can watch Mosh teaching JavaScript basics on YouTube or you may check Fireship - fireship.io

You must learn languages from scratch. These videos can help you, I guess. I strongly suggest that, you must start a project/program, just to learn from them.

Thank you

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Welcome on board! If your aim is to become a high-quality software engineerr, you should definitely start reading documentations. Yes, they might be boring. But you should. In your case, javascript.info website is a great place to start. Wish you luck!