Learning Lab: sharing your custom courses now that they can't be "published"?

A couple years ago, my team developed Learning Lab courses for onboarding new members to some of our data processing pipeline development practices. They were developed under our organization. Not everyone we shared these courses with were members of the organization and it was very convenient to send a link to the published course and have them take it.

A few months ago, I started to develop a new version of these to teach a new primary pipelining tool. The “Publish this course” button is now gone and there is a message about Learning Lab no longer publishing any courses developed outside of GitHub. I am wondering what I do now? What is the best way to share a link to this course that will work even after the course updates? Also, is there a way to share with people that are not added to my organization? My course admin page says that the course visibility is public, but I can’t seem to get the links to work for colleagues.

This was a surprising change in permissions for creating GitHub Learning Lab courses and now that I have finished, I am scrambling to make them available as quickly as possible. Thanks for any advice you can provide!

@lindsayplatt I’ll reach out to some colleagues and ask them to chime in here! :bowing_man:

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My follow-up from the original post after emailing with @chiedo is that I know we can no longer publicly publish our courses but I would still love some advice on how to share a course. My current approach is to add anyone who I want to take the course as an admin to the course repo. I am pretty uncomfortable with this approach, but it is the only solution I have figured out so far. Thanks for your advice!

Thanks for adding more context @lindsayplatt!

It may be a few weeks (hopefully sooner) but we’re going to have some more conversations and get back to you!

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