Learning Lab, Lession 1: Accidentally deleted Step no. 5. How do I get it back?!

Brand new to the Github world and started my first lesson. As I completed step 4, I moved onto 5 after adding the file extension, I forget to include the file content before saving. I thought maybe I could undo the last step but was unable so, I thought I could delete the most recent steps but the deletion turned out to remove all the instructions for step 5’s in the lesson plan. I simply wanted to start over on a clean slate as to not miss any steps, but now I’m unable too or move onto step no. 6 without properly completing step no. 5.

Hopefully, there’s someone in the forum that might’ve made a similar error and can provide a way back or restore step no. 5?!



Hello @roxhub! You can still edit the file. Make sure that you’re on your own branch, and view the file. If you click the small pencil on the right hand side, you can edit the file again and make a new commit. This should put you on track to keep working. Let me know if you need more help, and good luck. :smiley: