Learning Lab: Can't Register For Course

Hi everyone,

I created a learning lab course earlier this week that was based around pull requests (ie. there would be a prompt, the user would respond with their answer/description and then a course admin would close the pull request when they thought the prompt was correct).

The link is here: https://lab.github.com/Bahburs/bitcamp:-creating-a-song-recommendation-engine-with-azure

My problem is that the course YAML validates and everything looks correct but whenever someone tries to take the course I get a registration error saying, ““An unexpected error has occurred while registering for the course. Please try again later!”

I saw this other post but mine still isn’t fixed: Error while attempting to start Intro to GitHub course

anyone have any ideas?

also, thanks to anyone who has any solutions!

@Bahburs I don’t see anything immediately wrong with your course that would cause this error. I’ve opened an issue for the engineering team working on Learning Lab to see if they can get to the bottom of it. I got the same error as you.

sounds great… thanks!

hey @hectorsector, any updates?



Nothing yet, but while I was trying to troubleshoot your course I noticed that the before step opens a PR with head: basecamp. That branch and master are even, so that may not work. I don’t think it would cause the error you’re seeing, but it would cause a different error so we can get that taken care of in the meantime.

If you’d like to open a PR from basecamp into master, just make sure there’s some content on that branch.

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