Learning javascript

I am interesting into getting into web development. I have no programing experience but based on some research I decided to learn javascript. I’m reading a book on it but I’m feeling lost in the overwhelming amount of information.

My question is how should I go about learning javascript or programming in general?

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Hey, welcome to the  GitHub Community Forums! It is common to feel lost when learning a new programming language; it can be a lot of information to take in at first! While at first learning  JavaScript may feel difficult, it will get easier as you learn more. For learning  JavaScript , I personally prefer learning it through Node.JS, a  JavaScript runtime. I enjoy programming using  Node.JS because it feels more low-level compared to   normal  JavaScript.

Node.JS is an open-source server environment that allows for asynchronous programming using  JavaScript. In a simple sense, think of  Node.JS as an “application side” of web-development; while normal  JavaScript would primarily be used in developing dynamic web-pages,  Node.JS can be used to create server applications using the system (i.e. a message-bot for the  Discord platform.)

The more and more you continue to learn a language, the easier it’ll usually get to program; time and patience is key! If you think  Node.JS is the right option for you in learning  JavaScript , please visit here. The tutorial provided by w3schools.com  has been helpful to friends of mine in learning  Node.JS!

Hope this helps you! If you have any questions or need assistance, please reply back to this post!


hello .i’m working on a load balancer for hybbbrid cloud servers in nodejs… everything is working okay but how can i simulate the whole balancing process within nodes… the load sharing of requests and the shedding

To try things in a development environment you could spin up a few containers, e.g. with Docker Compose. If you want to test realistic loads you’ll probably need an actual test cluster. Either way the details will vary a lot depending on how your system is supposed to work.