LDAP Syncrepl missing on ldap.h

Greetings fellow users,

I’m working on a project where I needed to implement a LDAP server for login and permission control based on this LDAP library ldap.h.

I’ve managed to implement the basic stuff of user management such as changing attributes, adding new users and deleting them.

My next step is to replicate the server I configured to another one using Syncrepl. I did that successefully with this guide, but the problem relies on the fact that the devices LDAP are intalled on, are real-time patched, so I need a way to add LDIF’s with the ldap C library, or find another library, because System Calls on real-time systems are bad for performance.

My big question is, does anybody knows some library that can do what I just described or am I chasing unicorns?

Thanks in advance,