Layout Issue (BUG) under Discussion in Team Page

When posting a new Discussion, say Brand New Post, previous posts get Visually Duplicated in the interface. Here is a screenshot


On the Right


  1. Using Chrome, I was logged in github as ecoelhor
  2. I created a Public Post, then
  3. I created a Private Post, then
  4. I created a Brand New Private Post.

As I finish adding the last Post, I noticed that the first 2 got duplicated in my interface.

On the Left

I quickly double checked if the posts were actually duplicated using another account I have eduardo4jesus under another browser (Brave) and everything seemed to be ok, no duplication.

After a while, I refreshed the page and the duplication was gone.

I am not sure why every time I create a post I have that duplication view of a little while. It seems to be a bug.