Laundry dry cleaning point of sale program and application for on demand dry cleaning services

Im new to GH, 

Im wondering if it is at all possible to get together to remotly build a better point of sale system that works universally with all laundry and drycleaning stores in an attempt to replace the outdated archaic POS programs at these stores. (laundry shops around the country im currently residing in.)

Also a phone application to go along with it for on demand orders to deliver drycleaning to the public.  

I´ll first be looking for someone who could communicate my ideas from lamen terms into code jargon to mold and manage the project while I focus and putting the concept together.

I want to build a laundry dry cleaning POS software system to replace the program at local dry cleaning and 

the app would have 3 interfaces, client facing interface, driver interface and fleet managment interface to manage the order similar to a dispatcher.  

An example would be the page.  and the business would be that mirroring the business model.

looking forwards to a response

Thank you 

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