Launching the GitHub Coworking Club

[Update March 16: We are pausing the GitHub Coworking Club for now due to current world events. We will re-evaluate our decision in a few weeks.]

Many of us are still working from home due to Covid and office closures, or maybe it’s our preference paired with freedom. GitHub itself is a remote-first company, so most of us Hubbers (GitHub employees) work from home.

As you may have experienced, working from home has its perks, but it can also feel isolating at times. Productivity can also come into question when there are so many tempting distractions around.

So we’ve come up with a plan! Introducing the GitHub Coworking Club, a pilot project to work together in a virtual environment, build accountability, tackle productivity, and have fun together!

Every week we will host two virtual coworking sessions over Zoom, to accommodate our global community in different time zones:

  • The first EMEA friendly session will take place on Tuesday, March 1st from 1-2pm GMT/London time. Join in via this Zoom link.
  • We will host the first US friendly session on Tuesday, March 1st from 3-4pm PST/Los Angeles Time. Join in via this Zoom link.

You can expect the following format:

  • Begin the session with intros: each club member will share what they plan to work on during the coworking time (this is optional and you are more than welcome to just listen in)
  • 45 minutes of heads down work–if you want to you can tune into a work playlist we will curate for each session :musical_note:, but it’s also totally ok to work in silence
  • Close the session by celebrating what we accomplished :tada:

We are so excited about this project and look forward to co-working with you :smile:


Love it :headphones: I can’t wait!

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This sounds like a great idea! Unfortunately I have a regular meeting in the second half of that period on a Tuesday but I’ll try to join for the first part.


It’ll be great to have you :slight_smile:

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