Latest Xcode version availability?

The latest Xcode version available on the macOS images according to this page ( is Xcode 11.2 beta 2. That version was released over a month ago, and Apple has since released 11.2 GM, 11.2.1 beta, 11.2.1 GM, and 11.3 beta, none of which seem to be available?

I’m wondering if there is any info on the release schedule for Xcode versions? For iOS/macOS developers, this seems to be the perennial issue with any CI provider. I understand it might not get deployed the same day it’s released, but we need to constantly test our apps on the latest versions, and seems like we’re currently lagging a month behind on Xcode releases.


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Thanks for your feedback!

I will confirm internally and update once there is a response.

Meanwhile, github supports self-hosted runners now, please try it as a workaround, related link below, thanks.

I was told in a previous thread here the versions would be updated weekly. Since Xcode 11.2 is deprecated and we’re required to submit with Xcode 11.2.1+, it’s crucial these updates happen on a predictable cadence.

It would be great if there was some better communication when version are being deployed, as I’ve noticed the documentation has gotten out of date in the past.

Hi @zachwaugh ,

I confirmed internally:

An update to the mac image with Xcode 11.2, 11.2.1, and 11.3 beta1 will start rolling out this week!