Large PR reviews

Can PR reviews be too big for GitHub to handle? and how do I fix it

Cf this issue:

Here’s what Firefox shows, clicking Retry produces the requests seen in webtools

Yes there are pull requests that are too large to display the deltas, list of all files, etc however as far as I know there is no real limitation on the PR itself, my guess would be the limitation would live in git itself if it exists.

Not trying to sound patronizing but the solution is to break down your changes into smaller chunks. It’s not just about the technical limitations here we must consider the burden that such large pull requests put on the reviewers. In order to review changes more than a few hundred lines it takes a considerable time investment to sit down and review the actual changes, if you get interrupted the problem compounds and you may find yourself back tracing in any event reviewing such changes should generally be avoided. One other option I will mention is to use submodules to pull in say vendored or machine generated code which generally speaking is not reviewed as closely.