Large file storage

Hi, I would like to store large files in my repository (approx. 100MB).
The fact is that this files will never change. So there is no need to track their change. I must still use GIT LFS? This kind of static files will never change but I still want to keep them in my remote repo instead of ignoring them through .gitignore. In this way I will be able to get them when cloning the remote repo.

Any advice?

It depends if the individual files exceed the maximum size supported by cURL.

If I was you, I’d just try pushing them without enabling Git LFS, and if you don’t get an error keep the repo settings as they are, else enable Git LFS in the settings.

100 MB is a lot when speaking of source code files, but many repositories also host images and PDFs, which are often rather large nowadays. So, it wouldn’t be such an odd case, after all.