Large file keeps getting tracked and uploaded

Hi: I am trying to get a repository set up that clones a folder with a subfolder Data that has some large data files.

When I first set this up, I accidentally committee a file that was over the 100 mb limit. Now, somehow that file is always pushed even though I’ve deleted it on my local repository. I can’t push any files up to the remote repository because it always chokes trying to push this very file. I’ve tried deleting the repository dozens of times. I feel like what I need is some kind of nucelar way to clear this specific file out of the memory. 

I know this is not reproducible and must come across as very amateurish, but I’m brand new to this. 

Any insights would be appreciated. Thank you. 


Once you commit the too-large file, that commit is in the history even if you create a later commit deleting the file. What you need to do is go back into the history to the commit where you added the file and remove that commit from the repository’s history. You can do this using the git rebase --interactive command. You can also use the tools for removing sensitive data from your repository that we describe in our help documents.

Let us know if you have more questions.