Large Code Reviews and keeping track


Before I start, I know it not ideal to have large pull requests… But sometimes it happens :frowning:

Before moving to Git, I used Subversion and for code reviews used SmartBear Code Collaborator.  This was great, as it had the ability to accept a file as part of the review process.  Which meant you could spend some time on the review and come back later and continue. :slight_smile:

So using the git pull request review, I can’t seem to find the ability to flag a file as being accepted/reviewed.  So was just curious if I was missing something, if not is there somewhere I can raise a feature request?


Hi @whgibbo,

Thanks for reaching out! You can now track your pull request review progress, see more details:

I hope this helps!

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Do you know what version of github Enterprise it will be available in?


Thanks for the interest! I’m unable to say when GitHub Enterprise may include support for mark as viewed…Most new features are introduced into first before GitHub Enterprise. Will keep you posted here.