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My question: when I click on my [username] link to open my site in the browser, my first page shows “my [” then the description underneath followed by the landing page. It only goes to my landing page in full screen after I manually click on “home”. How can I get rid of that in-between page? I want it to go straight to my landing page.

Thank you!

This could be caused by a few different things, but the most likely issue is that your landing page code is inside a file that’s not called index.html.

GitHub Pages serves either a file, an file, or an index.html file as your home page by default. If you don’t have an index.html file then GitHub is likely serving your file. To serve your landing page as the main page of your site you’ll need to rename that file to index.html.

If this isn’t your issue then can you post a link to your repository so I can take a closer look at what’s going wrong?

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@thomasshaped thanks man - I had to delete the md file and have the index.html in the root directory.