Lag in job log being expandable

It seems that if you don’t try to expand job logs before any long running process within the job starts, you cannot expand the job log until the process finishes. This can be frustrating for monitoring the progress of a job.

It seems like the log content is waiting for the next yield from the process before updating & showing the log.

Is there any way to fix, or work around this issue?

Sorry for this bad experience. This is an unknown issue, engineering team are investigating it and working hard to find a way to fix it. 


Is there any progress on this? As well as the job not being readily expandable we find that revisiting a long-running job from different browser sessions gives different log states, including that they individually report starting at line 1, when it’s evident that they have skipped prior lines.

It makes the process of running long jobs quite hard to track

Thank you for pointing this out. I agree with what you described. It is a little hard to improve this log behavior. But good news is that I have seen a plan in our internal channel to implement infinite scrolling of the logs console. The next iteration of logs will give a better user experience.