Label still shows despite removing label. Why?

Hi. I’m the creator of this github issue. 4 days ago, the repository owner removed the “needinfo” label, but the “needinfo” label still shows against that issue. Why is that, and is there anything that I (or someone else) can do to correct this? Thanks!

(PS: I’ve seen this - is it related?)

It kind of seems related, but on that it was saying help wanted on the issue, but not on the search results when searching for that label, but with this the label is on the issue AND the search results, so it seems like the label was never deleted (I am not accusing you of anything, I am just mentioning that). Could you ask the owner to try to remove the label again, and if that works for the owner but no-one else, maybe ask the owner to add the label then remove it again? Hope this helps :slight_smile: