lab: writing-javascript-actions ... error: github.Github is not a constructor

getting this error in my action output ##[error]github.Github is not a constructor 

const core = require("@actions/core");
const github = require("@actions/github");

async function run() {
    try {
      const issueTitle = core.getInput("issue-title");
      const jokeBody = core.getInput("joke");
      const token = core.getInput("repo-token");

      const octokit = new github.Github(token);

      const newIssue = await octokit.issues.create({
          repo: github.context.repo.repo,
          owner: github.context.repo.owner,
          title: issueTitle,
          body: jokeBody
    } catch (err) {


ps - i think there is an typo in your lab documentation - it had …

} catch (err) {

error should be err ??

I found the error - the code should be 

const octokit = new github.GitHub(token);

the lab documentation has error / wrong code 

Hello @markharrisonlab! I took a look at the course repository, and couldn’t quite find the bug you were talking about. BUT, we are always looking for contributions. If you’d like, please feel free to open a pull request against this open source course repository:

Ive raise a PR