ksoap2 generates wrong request

Hi, ksoap2 in my project generates wrong request:

2018-11-30 13:13:36 YY.YY.YY.YY POST /MicrosoftDynamicsAXAif50/servicee.svc - 89 - XX.XX.XX.XX ksoap2-android/2.6.0+ - 401 2 5 15

XX, YY are IP addresses. The problem is library name after my IP: 


It shouldn’t be there. Because of this i can’t connect, because I am always getting 

HTTP request failed, HTTP status: 401

What’s the problem with this? What should I do to make it work? 

Edit. 1
I went through “ksoap2-j2se-3.6.2-sources.jar!\org\ksoap2\transport\HttpTransportSE.java” and I’ve found: 

ServiceConnection connection = getServiceConnection();connection.setRequestProperty("User-Agent", USER\_AGENT);

where USER_AGENT is 'ksoap2-android/2.6.0+" so I suppose that confused me while my attempts were having this prefix, and other users not (they have username). So it still stays problem with Authorization.
Unfortunately HeaderProperty way doesn’t work for some reason.