kivy buildozer for python 3 build error

Good day,

Trying to find out why the build keeps crashing based on this .spec file and the following crash log. Any help would be appreciated.

.spec file:___________________________________________________________


(str) Title of your application

title = MyWeather

(str) Package name = myapp

(str) Package domain (needed for android/ios packaging)

package.domain = Archaeus

(str) Source code where the live

source.dir = .

(list) Source files to include (let empty to include all the files)

source.include_exts = py,png,jpg,kv,atlas,csv,gif

(list) List of inclusions using pattern matching

#source.include_patterns = assets/*,images/*.png

(list) Source files to exclude (let empty to not exclude anything)

#source.exclude_exts = spec

(list) List of directory to exclude (let empty to not exclude anything)

#source.exclude_dirs = tests, bin

(list) List of exclusions using pattern matching

#source.exclude_patterns = license,images/*/*.jpg

(str) Application versioning (method 1)

version = 1.0

(str) Application versioning (method 2)

version.regex = __version__ = '"[’"]

version.filename = %(source.dir)s/

(list) Application requirements

comma seperated e.g. requirements = sqlite3,kivy

requirements = python3crystax,kivy,requests

(str) Custom source folders for requirements

Sets custom source for any requirements with recipes

requirements.source.kivy = …/…/kivy

(list) Garden requirements

#garden_requirements =

(str) Presplash of the application

#presplash.filename = %(source.dir)s/data/presplash.png

(str) Icon of the application

#icon.filename = %(source.dir)s/data/icon.png

(str) Supported orientation (one of landscape, portrait or all)

orientation = all

(list) List of service to declare


OSX Specific

author = © Copyright Info

change the major version of python used by the app

osx.python_version = 3

Kivy version to use

osx.kivy_version = 1.9.1

Android specific

(bool) Indicate if the application should be fullscreen or not

fullscreen = 0

(string) Presplash background color (for new android toolchain)

Supported formats are: #RRGGBB #AARRGGBB or one of the following names:

red, blue, green, black, white, gray, cyan, magenta, yellow, lightgray,

darkgray, grey, lightgrey, darkgrey, aqua, fuchsia, lime, maroon, navy,

olive, purple, silver, teal.

#android.presplash_color = #FFFFFF

(list) Permissions

#android.permissions = INTERNET

(int) Android API to use

#android.api = 19

(int) Minimum API required

#android.minapi = 9

(int) Android SDK version to use

#android.sdk = 20

(str) Android NDK version to use

android.ndk = 10.3.2

(bool) Use --private data storage (True) or --dir public storage (False)

#android.private_storage = True

(str) Android NDK directory (if empty, it will be automatically downloaded.)

android.ndk_path = /home/archaeus/my_files/crystax

(str) Android SDK directory (if empty, it will be automatically downloaded.)

#android.sdk_path =

(str) ANT directory (if empty, it will be automatically downloaded.)

#android.ant_path =

(bool) If True, then skip trying to update the Android sdk

This can be useful to avoid excess Internet downloads or save time

when an update is due and you just want to test/build your package

android.skip_update = False

(str) Android entry point, default is ok for Kivy-based app

#android.entrypoint =

(list) Pattern to whitelist for the whole project

#android.whitelist =

(str) Path to a custom whitelist file


(str) Path to a custom blacklist file


(list) List of Java .jar files to add to the libs so that pyjnius can access

their classes. Don’t add jars that you do not need, since extra jars can slow

down the build process. Allows wildcards matching, for example:


#android.add_jars = foo.jar,bar.jar,path/to/more/*.jar

(list) List of Java files to add to the android project (can be java or a

directory containing the files)


(list) Android AAR archives to add (currently works only with sdl2_gradle


#android.add_aars =

(list) Gradle dependencies to add (currently works only with sdl2_gradle


#android.gradle_dependencies =

(list) Java classes to add as activities to the manifest.

#android.add_activites = com.example.ExampleActivity

(str) python-for-android branch to use, defaults to stable

#p4a.branch = stable

(str) OUYA Console category. Should be one of GAME or APP

If you leave this blank, OUYA support will not be enabled

#android.ouya.category = GAME

(str) Filename of OUYA Console icon. It must be a 732x412 png image.

#android.ouya.icon.filename = %(source.dir)s/data/ouya_icon.png

(str) XML file to include as an intent filters in <activity> tag

#android.manifest.intent_filters =

(list) Android additionnal libraries to copy into libs/armeabi

#android.add_libs_armeabi = libs/android/*.so
#android.add_libs_armeabi_v7a = libs/android-v7/*.so
#android.add_libs_x86 = libs/android-x86/*.so
#android.add_libs_mips = libs/android-mips/*.so

(bool) Indicate whether the screen should stay on

Don’t forget to add the WAKE_LOCK permission if you set this to True

#android.wakelock = False

(list) Android application meta-data to set (key=value format)

#android.meta_data =

(list) Android library project to add (will be added in the automatically.)

#android.library_references =

(str) Android logcat filters to use

#android.logcat_filters = *:S python:D

(bool) Copy library instead of making a

#android.copy_libs = 1

(str) The Android arch to build for, choices: armeabi-v7a, arm64-v8a, x86

android.arch = armeabi-v7a

Python for android (p4a) specific

(str) python-for-android git clone directory (if empty, it will be automatically cloned from github)

#p4a.source_dir =

(str) The directory in which python-for-android should look for your own build recipes (if any)

#p4a.local_recipes =

(str) Filename to the hook for p4a

#p4a.hook =

(str) Bootstrap to use for android builds

p4a.bootstrap = sdl2

(int) port number to specify an explicit --port= p4a argument (eg for bootstrap flask)

#p4a.port =

iOS specific

(str) Path to a custom kivy-ios folder

#ios.kivy_ios_dir = …/kivy-ios

(str) Name of the certificate to use for signing the debug version

Get a list of available identities: buildozer ios list_identities

#ios.codesign.debug = “iPhone Developer: <lastname> <firstname> (<hexstring>)”

(str) Name of the certificate to use for signing the release version

#ios.codesign.release = %(ios.codesign.debug)s


(int) Log level (0 = error only, 1 = info, 2 = debug (with command output))

log_level = 2

(int) Display warning if buildozer is run as root (0 = False, 1 = True)

warn_on_root = 1

(str) Path to build artifact storage, absolute or relative to spec file

build_dir = ./.buildozer

(str) Path to build output (i.e. .apk, .ipa) storage

bin_dir = ./bin

Crash Report:____________________________________________________

[INFO]: Will compile for the following archs: armeabi-v7a
[INFO]: Found Android API target in $ANDROIDAPI
[INFO]: Available Android APIs are (19)
[INFO]: Requested API target 19 is available, continuing.
[INFO]: Found NDK dir in $ANDROIDNDK
[INFO]: Got NDK version from $ANDROIDNDKVER
[WARNING]: NDK version was set as r10.3.2, but checking the NDK dir claims it is 10.3.2.
[WARNING]: The build will try to continue, but it may fail and you should check that your setting is correct.
[WARNING]: If the NDK dir result is correct, you don’t need to manually set the NDK ver.
[INFO]: Using Crystax NDK r10.3.2
[INFO]: Found virtualenv at /usr/local/bin/virtualenv
[INFO]: Found the following toolchain versions: [‘4.9’, ‘5’, ‘clang3.6’, ‘clang3.7’]
[INFO]: Picking the latest gcc toolchain, here 5
[INFO]: No existing dists meet the given requirements!
[INFO]: No dist exists that meets your requirements, so one will be built.
[ERROR]: Didn’t find any valid dependency graphs.
[ERROR]: This means that some of your requirements pull in conflicting dependencies.
[ERROR]: Exiting.

Command failed: /usr/bin/python -m pythonforandroid.toolchain create --dist_name=myapp --bootstrap=sdl2 --requirements=python3crystax,kivy,requests --arch armeabi-v7a --copy-libs --color=always --storage-dir=/home/archaeus/my_files/python_files/kivyweather/kivyweather/.buildozer/android/platform/build