[Kindly help please] Revealing password (******) IN ANDROID

Hi guys is my first time posting a question here. Kindly forgive me if it is in the wrong section.

I am currently doing mobile automation. I am using Maven in Eclipse, starting appium server and using it to navigate through an Android Application. 

(I used UI Automator to give me the xpath).

However for this page in the application there is a password textbox.

meaning if i driver.sendKeys(“abc”) it will appear as ***. 

Is there anyway i change the *** back to “abc” or reveal it somehow? 

I understand for broswer we can right click > inspect > and change some simple things to remove the ***. but for this android application is there anyway of doing it?

Basically i want to check if the characters i type is the characters that appear. (meaning if i type ‘a’ , does ‘a’ indeed appear)

Thank you so much