Kindle2Anki - how can I get this working?

I desperately want to use Kindle2Anki: (

to take Spanish words that I’ve looked up on my Kindle while reading, and turn them into Anki flashcards with Spanish definitions from this dictionary in particular, which I have a copy of on my Kindle:

I am on step 3 of this:

I have installed libmobi. I messaged the person who created Kindle2Anki asking him if he could give me more instructions on step 3, and this is what he said:

>Hi, I just saw your message. I would really love to give you a thorough guide, but it’s been a while and I can’t find any of the logs. But from what I remember, you may need to remove the drm from the azw first (with deDRM plugin of calibre), and finally get a pid of the azw file. Later you can use that pid with mobitool with the pid option.
9:25 AM

>or the pid is a device related serial number,

I have now installed and used Calibre to remove the DRM from my dictionary. I don’t know what to do next because I am a linux n00b. In fact I don’t even understand what a pid is. Can anyone help me with the next step of getting a pid of the azw file (my dictionary)?