Killing "Stuck" actions

Looks like new actions can be run today (yey!) but I still can’t seem to kill old stuck actions.  These block PRs as no other checks of this type can run until these are complete

Anyone found a way to kill these yet?

In the PR itself under the job I can see a [Cancel Check Suite] button on the right hand side, is that what you’re looking for?

Unfortuantely for me this says it cancelled the job, but it’s still stuck.

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I am experiencing thee same issue for jobs queued yesterday. Jobs kicked off this morning appear to be working. As per the above comment, clicking cancel run doesn’t appear to do anything to cancel the jobs.


Sorry for this experience.

We have resolved this issue. Please check this incident: 

Can you trigger a new workflow now? Please let us know your current status.  

Hey, I am experiencing the same issue since yesterday.
One of my jobs is stuck for more than 15 hours even after successfully completed.

Is it possible to stop/cancel the job process?