Keyestudio KS0454, nano, slow temp display refresh absolutely NEWBIE

Hi, hello

I’m absolutely newbie and try to run simple temp sensor code on Keyestudio KS0454 2,2 circular TFT module with nano and DHT11 sensor. Anybody can tell me why this screen (temp value) flickering with this simple code?

Any solution?

Thank You

#include "DFRobot_ST7687S_Latch.h"
#include <DHT.h> // include DHT library

#ifdef __AVR__
uint8_t pin_cs = 3, pin_rs = 5, pin_wr = 6, pin_lck = 7;
uint8_t pin_cs = D3, pin_rs = D5, pin_wr = D6, pin_lck = D7;
#define BLACK 0x0000
#define WHITE 0xFFFF
#define RED 0xF800
#define BLUE 0x001F
#define ORANGE 0xff8000

DFRobot_ST7687S_Latch tft(pin_cs, pin_rs, pin_wr, pin_lck);

#define DHTPIN A0 // DHT11 data pin is connected to Arduino analog pin 0
#define DHTTYPE DHT11 // DHT11 sensor is used

float temp; //Stores temperature value
DHT dht11(DHTPIN, DHTTYPE); // initialize DHT library

void setup(void)


  tft.setTextSize(1); // text size = 1
  tft.setTextColor(DISPLAY_RED); // set text color
  tft.setCursor(57, 0); // move cursor to position

  // initialize DHT11 sensor


char _buffer[7];

// main loop
void loop()


  // read temperature
  byte temp = dht11.readTemperature();

  // print temperature (in °C)
  sprintf(_buffer, "%02u", temp);
  tft.setTextColor(DISPLAY_WHITE); // set text color
  tft.setCursor(33, 10);


// end of code.