Keyboard shortcuts on German keyboard with QWERTZ layout

I’m trying to use the ctrl / shortcut for focusing the secondary search bar on issue/PR lists. Unfortunately, this does not seem to work on German keyboard layouts (QWERTZ). I’m using Firefox on Ubuntu Linux. The / shortcut for focusing the primary search bar works fine and other ctrl shortcuts work as well. I also tried ctrl plus the / key on the numpad, but this didn’t work either.

A / is typed as shift + 7 on QWERTZ, so I could imagine that the issue is that the shortcut is detected as ctrl + shift + 7 instead of ctrl + /. Not directly related, but the problem also exitst for other projects such as IntelliJ-idea: intellij idea - Line-Comment shortcut on german keyboards - Stack Overflow

Given that ctrl + / seems to be problematic on non-US keyboards, could you please add an alternative shortcut for this?