Keyboard shortcut to switch between light/dark theme

It’d be great to change Github theme with a keyboard shortcut, that would save you the trip to settings. Some views are better in light, others in dark and I also tend to prefer light theme occasionally.


Hi @nejckorasa - thanks for taking the time to share this great suggestion! We’ve discussed this as a team and I’d love to learn more about how you would expect this feature to work. Currently we have 3 theme options: Default to system, light and dark. If you don’t mind me asking, which theme are you using? And if you were to “design” this feature what would it look like?

Are you currently leveraging other keyboard shortcuts in GitHub? Thanks again! :pray:

I use the keyboard shortcuts very frequently and am really expecting to have a shortcut for theme switch. I’d say if I decide to switch the theme via shortcuts, it likely means that I don’t want default to system because I want to control it manually, so if I use that shortcut, it toggles between dark/light, what do you think?


Agreed, this would be highly appreciated. Until then, I’ll probably stick to the Dark Reader extension instead

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This would be a great feature to add. :pray:

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I don’t have on my mind any site which has this feature, but it would be nice to have it. Most of the times, this setting is hidden somewhere deep and you have to spend some time until you find where it is. Having the possibility to switch it with a shortcut would be amazing. I just hope that it will be a button which I will find on my keyboard, because I am using a programming one, I found a list of the best keyboards on teleshoppr, and the model I have chosen is a TKL, so don’t choose a shortcut from numpad please.

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Thanks @ones66790 for sharing details on how you would use keyboard shortcuts! I’ve added this use case to our backlog tracking issue so our team can take it into consideration :pray:

A keyboard short cut or alternatively an easily accessable button/link is needed.

There are a lot of files that have images with transparent background
and black lines and text. In dark mode, it is impossible to read the text.

I normally prefer dark mode, but … without a quick way to temporarily switch back and forth,
I doubt dark mode will end up as my default.

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Hi @soegaard - thanks for reaching out! We are looking into many options and look forward to being able to share at least one of them in the future. We have also received a ton of similar feedback from the community on the issue of images with transparent backgrounds and dark elements. Theme context for images is something we’ll be investigating as well so we hope to be able to make dark mode work as your default soon!