key error : python not recognizing the names of my csv columns imported with pandas

I have coded the following code:

donnees = pd.read_csv("year_pmid_fake.csv", sep = '\t', header = 0, index_col = 0)
donnees ['year'] # year is the name of one of my columns

Anwer of Python "KeyError: 'year'"

Python is not recognizing the names of my columns.

If I mark print(donnees), ti goes well. It prints:


I would like to attach my Excel tab, but I don’t know how. So I will just write down the code I used to create my names of columns:

with open('year_pmid_fake.csv', 'w', newline='') as year_pmid_file:
    yr = csv.DictWriter(year_pmid_file, fieldnames = ["pmid", "year"], dialect="excel", delimiter=";")
    yr.writerow({"pmid": pmid, "year": year})

It created the columns names as requested.

Note that when I call back my cvs to read it, I used all possible combinations:

donnees = pd.read_csv("year_pmid_fake.csv", sep = '\t', header = 0, index_col = 0)
donnees = pd.read_csv("year_pmid_fake.csv", sep = '\t')
donnees = pd.read_csv("year_pmid_fake.csv", index_col = 0)
donnees = pd.read_csv("year_pmid_fake.csv", header = 0)
donnees = pd.read_csv("year_pmid_fake.csv", sep = '\t', header = 0)
donnees = pd.read_csv("year_pmid_fake.csv", header = 0, index_col = 0)
donnees = pd.read_csv("year_pmid_fake.csv", sep = '\t', index_col = 0)
donnees = pd.read_csv("year_pmid_fake.csv")

etc. But none of them worked so far.

Thank you very much…

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Please see this question. read_csv does not do what you want, you should try DictReader instead.