Keep getting "Received status code 422 from server: Unprocessable Entity"

I started getting this when publishing from Gradle to GPR in github actions for a project where it worked fine for a long time. Don’t know of any changes that could cause anything like this and definitely there were none since the last successful publish. I have tried refreshing the token just to be sure and some minor things like making path to maven repo lower case but after trying to figure this out for hours now I am at a loss how to fix it.
You can see the builds with the publish here

Also tried setting gpr for a new private repo of mine and I am immediately getting the same error for the first build with everything setup as brand new.

Any thoughts on what could be wrong?

So actually after posting this I found another topic about the same issue with a suggestion to change artifactid to lowercase, did that and now it works for me.

The other topic:

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