Just want my github pages styling to match the markdown preview in github repo

how do i go about achieving this? I don’t have a style set in my _config.yml. However, tables render without borders or striping, backslash quoted characters are not rendered any differently than normal characters, etc. I am perfectly happy with the styling that i get automatically when i view markdown files in github. How do I just match that and call it a day?

Hi @jlgerber,

Would you mind sharing your code, a link to your repo might help someone point you in the right direction.

Whoops, old news to you I see. [For anyone wanting to look at this, it’s https://github.com/jlgerber/jlgerber.github.io ]

I can only suggest comparing the page source (“View page source”) in the Markdown preview, vs as served.  E.g. what is in your stylesheet (“Le styles”) doing differently.

I learned something while trying to help out someone else.

Have you tried using plain markdown instead of HTML?  Unknown to me, apparently you can put an .md file in your github page repo and Github will serve it up with what looks like vanilla styling.

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