Just published a new GH package. Have few questions

I have just published a docker image on GitHub packages. (the project is public)

It is showing the package is private, how can I make it public so that other users can download it.

When I tried to pull the docker image locally, it asked for authentication.

Is there a limited bandwidth for GH Packages?

Can I entirely use GH Packages instead of Docker Hub

Hi @mittalyashu,

Could you make sure Public is checked for your organization, see here:

You should then be able to change your container package’s visibility to public like this:

I hope that helps!

After making the package public and trying to open in incognito mode, https://github.com/orgs/logchimp/packages/container/package/logchimp

The link doesn’t work.

@jcansdale. What about bandwidth limits and pull the docker image locally, it asked for authentication even after making the package as public.

Thanks for the post @mittalyashu! We are investigating why that container is not loading in the UI - as far as I can tell it should be.

I was able to pull that container locally unauthenticated. Can you post the output when you try?

Shayne Burgess
Eng Mgr - GHCR

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Awesome, thanks.

@shayneburgess Thought, I find it strange it took few hours to make the link accessible publicly.

Also, even after linking the package with repository, it’s still not showing inside the repository.

You’re welcome! We believe we know why that package isn’t showing incognito and are working on a fix that shouldn’t take long.

I can’t think any reason why the link being accessible wouldn’t be immediate. Can you tell me more about what you saw?

The feature to show linked packages in the repository view is not available yet, unfortunately, but it is planned.


It showed 404 page.

On that note, is it possible (or please do consider) linking package to multiple repository.

My use-case is I have created a separate repository for build docker images and main app is in separate repository.

The source label, org.opencontainers.image.source is intended for the repository source of the Dockerfile. In your case it might make sense to use the org.opencontainers.image.url label for your main application. We don’t currently linkify that label on the container page but we could look into doing that.

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This has been fixed! Try it out and let us know https://github.com/orgs/github/packages/container/package/super-linter


Is there any list for label?

Those labels aren’t designed to be lists. It would break compatibility with other registries.

I think the question might’ve been about a list of labels the GHCR recognizes and uses, which I’d like to see as well. The documentation currently only describes org.opencontainers.image.source in Connecting a repository to a container image. I noticed org.opencontainers.image.description is shown on the Github package page, but that isn’t documented as far as I can see.