Just posted my website but CSS is not recognized

Hey! Just posted my website but it doesnt recognize my CSS

Can you please have a look?
Thanks a lot!

The path in the href is wrong:

There is no file css/styles.css in your repository. styles.css exists, if you want to use that just remove the css/ part from the path. Or if you have a css/styles.css locally you’ll need to commit and push it.

Thanks! It worked, but now the problem are the pictures. They dont appear, do I need to do the same?

Looks like it, the src attribute of the <img> tags seems to assume there’s an images/ directory that doesn’t exist in your repository.

Look like your CSS is loading only image are missing in the path “images*.jpg”

As per the code on the repository - I believe you missed to create a folder “images” or replace the path of the images in your html