just draw 911 on screen to reach help works from sleep mode or any time i need partner

hi im isaiah figueroa and i found out the hard way that having to dial 911 can be hard to do depending on your unique emegency situation i mean if your hurt injured sick scared or who knows what the situation is it can make navagating a phone to call 911 or text a real bitch of a task so i say just draw it on phone screen to reach help works from sleep mode any screen any time just drawing it will instanly override lockscreen wake up your screen and call 911 as well as share your location hastle free  now about me i dont have the skills or money to do this my self  but i know its fairly easy app to develpe being thats its basicly a gesture app that specializes in 911 call and it has no competing apps on any platfiorm who wants in isaiah@justdraw911.com is my email please  send coments or questions 

Thank you for sharing your iOS app idea!  I hope you find some collaborators!

In the meantime, if you would like to start to develop the skills to create an app yourself there are lots of good tutorials you could go through to begin your journey to becoming an app developer.

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