Just created an account and suspended 2 minutes later

I signed up yesterday to trial an Enterprise account. After signing up, I tried to create a new repo. I didn’t even get that far. When I clicked on the New Repo button, it asked me to login again. After re-logging in, it displayed that I was suspended for abuse of Terms of Service.

This must be a bug in their system. I haven’t used any parts of the site other than sign up

I contacted support but got a bounce back saying they are busy due to high volume. What’s the average support response time? Not a very good first impression. If I’m going to be adding a few enterprise accounts, I don’t want to lose access to my code with no notice, for no apparent reason.

It would be appreciated if anyone can help or offer advice.

Actually, it doesn’t matter. This is too much of a red flag to use this service when access to our code can be cut off without notice, especially when paid support is so slow. Going to move to another provider or self hosted option.