Jupyter notebook previewer on Github does not redirect the user when we use an image

Hello Github support !

When I was working on notebooks on github, I found a strange interaction on the github file previewer.

On the github file previewer of notebooks (file.ipynb), in a markdown cell, when I click on an image that should redirect the user, it doesn’t work, it just shows sometime “this content is blocked. contact the site owner…”, except if I “open it on a new tab”. In this case, my page will be well opened in the new tab.
So I tried to set a ‘target="_blank"’ on my redirection but that doesn’t do anything.

That’s not all !
When I try to click on a side of the image, I will be redirected on the page, but I should not.
Strangely, when I use a text as redirection, it works well.

The only thing I found to fix it, is to set the ‘target="_parent"’

Last thing that I have to say is that, when you have the same type of redirection on a markdown file, it works well. For example, in a Readme.md, it will be no problem.

I did a test repo to compare the differents situations: GitHub - QuentinKlebaur/Notebook_preview_issue: This repo is here only to show an issue on the preview of the notebooks on github

Thanks for reading and took attention to this message !
Have a nice day !

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