JUNIT reports are not showing anymore after rerunning build

Hi all,

I’m running a Newman Github Actions workflow using a daily cron job and it is showing the JUNIT tab on the first successful run.

When I rerun it as a fresh run the tests still pass (as expected) but it is not showing this JUNIT tab anymore with the passed tests. It is however being loaded and processed as I can see. Is this normal behavior?

I tried one of the available publish tasks in the market place.

    # Publish testresults to Github Actions
      - name: Publish Unit Test Results
        uses: mikepenz/action-junit-report@v2
        if: always()
          report_paths: 'testResults/junitreport.xml'
          update_check: true
          check_name:   "Daily XMS API Regression Tests - 2.0 - Testresults"

Below a screenshot of the second run without the JUNIT tab: