jsreport-core with jsreport-browser-client


I am using jsreport-core package in my meteor app to generate reports.

Normally I use the “html” as “recipe” and it suffices.

Now I want to include filter option in my report. Accordingly I want to use “recipe” as “html-with-browser-client”.

For doing so I have added “jsreport-browser-client” package.

But I am getting error as :

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘baseUrl’ of undefined
at Object.recipe …\node_modules\jsreport-browser-client\lib\browser.js
at invokeRender …\jsreport-core\lib\render\render.js

I made a new post on jsreport forum and got to know that I need to additionally use “jsreport-express”.

var jsreport = require(‘jsreport-core’)();
jsreport.use(require(‘jsreport-express’)({ httpPort: 2000}));

I tried still getting same error.

Please refer here: