JSON data not being fetched correctly

I have several json files on my github page. All of them are loading correctly except for one. The response is comming in like an empty string or something.
It was working, but now it is not. What might be wrong? Could this be a bug in github pages?

I belive this might be temporary, but just in case.

This is the file:

The file might be queried like this in the browser console:

fetch("[https://chlunamega.github.io/data/Analysis.json").then(r](https://chlunamega.github.io/data/Analysis.json").then(r) =\> r.text()).then(console.log)  

Compare with, which is indeed returning some data:

fetch("[https://chlunamega.github.io/data/Compositions.json").then(r](https://chlunamega.github.io/data/Compositions.json").then(r) =\> r.text()).then(console.log)

PS: I know r.text() is not a proper way to parse JSON, but on the first fetch, if I call r.json(), I simply get an error, but r.text() allows me to see what is comming in.

Apologies for the slow response. It looks like everything is working now.

Let us know if you have more questions.