JSON content on raw.githubusercontent.com

When a .json file is hosted on raw.githubusercontent.com, its content type is text/plain.
It doesn’t quite make sense for a JSON file to be hosted in the form of plain text when it can be hosted in the form of JSON.
When someone requests from the URL, they receive plain text and have to convert it to json in their code.

For example, try GET requesting in your code from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/rbneiman/Discord-Bot/aca97085f3239510347474b9835a9adb0a387669/bot_config_example.json (not mine, just looked up an example of a json file) and seeing its content type, it’s text/plain even though a json file is being hosted.

So when a json file is hosted, it would be cool if it was hosted on a content type of application/json, it’s just a QoL feature I thought was nice.

PS - I didn’t find a place for GitHub suggestions, if this is the wrong place I do apologize.

Hello @dankapi,
I think the right place to give feedback/suggestions is the official Github feedback form.

Thank you, appreciate it!