Join us in a 10-day Community clean-up

Hi @basemax :wave: Thank you so much for all of your contributions :tada:

Also, thank you for bringing up the maximum number of replies, that is set up to keep our Community safe. This is something we need to keep in mind during initiatives like this. I have noted it for the future, thank you!

:point_up: Thank you @Simran-B exactly, the more active you are the more items you can do.

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Update on our progress

One week into the Community Clean-up and WOW…

Community members and Hubbers have participated and have replied to 224 topics in the clean-up topic categories :tada:

From our starting number on June 8th here’s the percentage of topics that have been replied to in each category:

It has been an honor to see everyone jump and participate. Thank you so much for all of your contributions!! :tada:

Action experts

Our goal is to hit 25% :tada: by 6/19. Thank you for helping us move the needle!!

3 days remaining in the clean-up

Thank you all again for sharing your expertise in this clean-up. We welcome anyone that still wants to join and help us continue to move those percentages :blush:


Just after that progress report, I digged up some more topics :slight_smile:

Yes, let’s hit that 25% goal on actions. I’m not really an expert, but will try to filter out some feature requests / “easy” questions in the coming days!


Awesome!! Thank you so much @mpboom :tada:

Some more Actions-related replies:


I also just answered this question.

PR/Issue preview image generator only processes the first markdown tag

I’ve started reviewing the issues and start answering them as per my knowledge :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Waiting for a Badge in my GitHub (jainamoswal) community profile. :wink:

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I’ve tackled something that hundreds of others have passed on…

Not exactly what the OP wanted as a default.
Glad to see some community building here - its been a year since I first encountered this undiscovered country and, while the views are high, the participation is mostly null.

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Hi @jainamoswal :wave:

Thanks for joining the party :tada:
Badge will be coming your way once we close the clean-up fun. :soon:

Hi @andy-brainome :wave:

Oh wow you found a topic outside of the clean-up date.
Thanks for answering! :tada: Mind if I ask how you landed on that topic?

I was researching issues in actions topic and happened upon it. It seemed kind of rude that nobody could help this guy with best practices in user management in actions.
I didn’t read that there were any boundaries in the sampling although that makes sense to keep things fresh.


Here’s a bunch more:

One or two weren’t that old, but they still count, right? :smile_cat:


Thanks so much @andy-brainome for providing that context.

Thank you @airtower-luna every little bit counts :clap:

Our main goal is to keep conversations going on topics prior to the clean-up, however, every comment is a :gem:


Just Tried to solve this issue


Another one:


And for this day a few Action issues as well, since we seem to be falling behind there:


Yay!! Thank you all for your continued contributions :tada: :clap:

I will post an update in a few hours :timer_clock:

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Participated in some more topics! More replies to come :slight_smile:


Quite a few for tonight:

This last one is a variant of a question I’ve seen show up a few times, about using workflows to do maintenance on self-hosted runners. The shared part of the answer is generally “don’t”. :sweat_smile:

Maybe it’s worth updating the documentation and point out remote management tools and cron as options.


Just beginning my conquest :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

More to follow, will try to take some Easy ones first and then advance.

Looking forward to explore, learn and contribute more.

Thanks GITHUB COMMUNITY and @angela-crist for the opportunity.