Join us in a 10-day Community clean-up

I cannot believe it is June! Time flies! :timer_clock: Since we are six months into 2021, I thought it would be a great time to clean up an area of the Community. :broom:

An area that could use the most love :heart: , topics with no replies.

We want to foster a culture in this community when you take time to post a topic you know you will receive a thoughtful response gaining insights from the expertise in the community. :rocket:

To help us jumpstart :running_woman: some of the topics that did not get replies, we will be hosting a Community clean-up for the next 10 days. :tada:

Let’s take this time to clean up the Community together so that we all get the most out of the community experience.

The Details of the 10-day Community Clean-up

When - :rotating_light: Starting on June 8th - 18th :rotating_light:

The goal

Our goal is to get as many of the topics with no replies responded to in a meaningful way.
(One-word replies or copy/pasting a canned sentence, is not considered meaningful)

I will be providing updates throughout the ten days to show how we are doing based on the number of topics with no replies that we start with on June 8th.

Here’s where we start … the more you contribute the progress bar will fill in. :smile:


If you share your expertise with the community all the time or if you have never posted, we want to make this an opportunity for you to help your fellow community members. :tada:

If you have never posted, feel free to jump into a conversation to ask questions to get clarity or provide encouragement or a compliment. :blush:

Humans helping humans by listening and inspiring each other. We want to build a community where people feel heard from other people.

How to participate

1. Select what category you want to jump in

These links :point_up: take you to a list of topics in those specific categories that currently do not have replies, sorted by top viewed. Top viewed is a signal of how much the community wants a reply for that topic. Once someone replies to a topic it will no longer be on the list.

2. Select a topic from the list

3. Reply to that topic

  • Types of replies
    • Share a solution that you are familiar with
    • Ask questions to provide clarification
    • Connect with the person that posted the topic by providing ideas or encouragement

:rotating_light: Note: Feel free to mention the clean-up sprint and link to this topic in your reply, if you want to provide a context for topics that are less recent.

4. Once you have replied, come back to this topic and share that you participated. :point_down:

  • Feel free to share the topic(s) you responded to or any insights you learned or want to share to improve the clean-up

5. For bonus points invite a friend or colleague to join by @mentioning them below :point_down:

Why should you participate

  • :left_speech_bubble: Join in the conversations for the first-time
  • :people_holding_hands: Connect and share with fellow community members
  • :star: Get a special clean-up badge on your community profile
  • :tada: As top contributors appear some elements of surprise and delight may emerge

Thank you for joining us!

I’m excited to provide the first update :tada:


@gisgar3 :wave:

Thank you so much for your efforts, already! I see you =D

:tada: :star: :tada:


Hi everyone :wave:

Welcome to Day 1 of Community Clean-up :tada: :broom: :tada:

Who’s joining in the fun today?

(details above :point_up: )


No problem @nethgato :slight_smile: enjoy helping the community!

I’m joining in on the fun more today @angela-crist :raised_hands:


I have so far responded to the following topics:

I’ll be responding to more each day :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @gisgar3 :tada: Way to get that party started!


Additional topics I have replied to:

Having fun with it so far :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@tajmone :wave:

Thank you so much for your :broom: assistance, today! :sparkles:


I looked at a few of the Actions related questions:

The last one is a nice example of Git config priorities (local > global!). :smiley_cat:


Yay!! Thank you so much @airtower-luna :tada:

What a great start to clean-up day 2 :broom: :tada:


I took some easy ones to get started.

For Actions:


Yay!! Thanks, @yaananth :tada: Great to have you here!


I just asked here about the specifics of the server the user is referring (maybe, it’s GitHub Pages) and also mentioned this 10-Day Cleanup

I’ll be answering further questions in my free time, thanks.


Here, I just commented my understanding of what the user is trying to express and I think that’s valid also, that auto pop-out of similar topics when you want to create an issue, so that we’ll know if it is a repetition of a certain issue,

and again, I mentioned here the 10-Day Cleanup and the link,


3 posts were split to a new topic: Feedback regarding activity

Here are some of the ones I answered today:


@angela-crist Can I suggest that you change the filters in your How To Participate links from “Have zero replies” to “Contains a single user”. You’re missing out unanswered questions when they have only been bumped by the original asker.


I’m seeing a bunch of things that are essentially feature requests while looking through the list for Actions. @angela-crist, would it make sense to ping any of the staff members here for those? There isn’t much I could “answer” other than “makes sense to me” e.g. here:


Hi @xdvrx1 :wave:

Thank you so much for participating in the clean-up! :tada: :broom:

Also, to echo @ettaboyle thank you for your feedback, we will keep this in mind.