Join us in a 10-day Community clean-up

Hey there! Happy to join in this evening with some topics covered:

Especially the first category is looking quite good already! When will you share another status report @angela-crist ?


Hi @mpboom :wave: We are so happy to have you join :tada:
Thank you for jumping into those topics!

Thanks for asking about the next status update!! It’s coming at you tomorrow :tada:

I want to give a big shout-out to the current top contributors of the clean-up so far…

Everyone join me in giving a big round of applause :clap: to…


Thank you for keeping all of those conversations going :tada: We appreciate all you do!

The top 10 contributors will be getting something fun sent their way :tada:


I tried replying to

Hope it helps him

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From Actions:


OMG, Finally i send this message after 20 hours:

My next efforts:

We appreciate your enthusiasm, keep it up! That said, for the safety of our community, you’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 15 hours and you’ll be able to create more replies.

But in the end, it was not good news. My account has been restricted and I can no longer write messages.
And that means I have to stop and not continue.

Some new:


If you keep being active (well, again in 15 hours), then your trust level should eventually go from basic user to member. Once that happens, you should be able to post a lot more without hitting a limit.


Got a few more! :smiley_cat:

And @Simran-B had an important addition to the last one, about syntax.


Yay! Great to have you, @bhawesh2002 :tada: Thanks for joining us.

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Way to go @yaananth :clap:
Thank you!!

Hi @basemax :wave: Thank you so much for all of your contributions :tada:

Also, thank you for bringing up the maximum number of replies, that is set up to keep our Community safe. This is something we need to keep in mind during initiatives like this. I have noted it for the future, thank you!

:point_up: Thank you @Simran-B exactly, the more active you are the more items you can do.

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Update on our progress

One week into the Community Clean-up and WOW…

Community members and Hubbers have participated and have replied to 224 topics in the clean-up topic categories :tada:

From our starting number on June 8th here’s the percentage of topics that have been replied to in each category:

It has been an honor to see everyone jump and participate. Thank you so much for all of your contributions!! :tada:

Action experts

Our goal is to hit 25% :tada: by 6/19. Thank you for helping us move the needle!!

3 days remaining in the clean-up

Thank you all again for sharing your expertise in this clean-up. We welcome anyone that still wants to join and help us continue to move those percentages :blush:


Just after that progress report, I digged up some more topics :slight_smile:

Yes, let’s hit that 25% goal on actions. I’m not really an expert, but will try to filter out some feature requests / “easy” questions in the coming days!


Awesome!! Thank you so much @mpboom :tada:

Some more Actions-related replies:


I also just answered this question.

PR/Issue preview image generator only processes the first markdown tag

I’ve started reviewing the issues and start answering them as per my knowledge :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Waiting for a Badge in my GitHub (jainamoswal) community profile. :wink:

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I’ve tackled something that hundreds of others have passed on…

Not exactly what the OP wanted as a default.
Glad to see some community building here - its been a year since I first encountered this undiscovered country and, while the views are high, the participation is mostly null.

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Hi @jainamoswal :wave:

Thanks for joining the party :tada:
Badge will be coming your way once we close the clean-up fun. :soon:

Hi @andy-brainome :wave:

Oh wow you found a topic outside of the clean-up date.
Thanks for answering! :tada: Mind if I ask how you landed on that topic?

I was researching issues in actions topic and happened upon it. It seemed kind of rude that nobody could help this guy with best practices in user management in actions.
I didn’t read that there were any boundaries in the sampling although that makes sense to keep things fresh.