Jobs of a matrix VS Hardware specification


I use GitHub Actions to run “heavy” Appium tests using Android emulator on macos-latest image. The tests run fine and are stable if I run one at a time, I mean, when I don’t use Matrix scheme. However, recently I needed to improve tests speed and decided to use Matrix to parallel run the test for each Android version. In total, the workflow triggers four jobs, one for each Android version (5, 6, 8 and 11). To my surprise, on each run, some tests fail unexpectedly, for reasons that don’t make any sense or never happened when I run without parallelism. I’m suspecting the problem is due to performance and lack of hardware on each job.

Because of this, I would like to know if each job of a Matrix really uses the the specs bellow

Hardware specification for macOS virtual machines:
3-core CPU
14 GB of RAM memory
14 GB of SSD disk space

or if the jobs of a Matrix somehow share the same hardware specification, making them slow.