Jobs not skipped when dependent job fails

We run a set of pre-flight checks in the first job, before running all subsequent jobs. When the first job fails, we expect all jobs the need it to be skipped, as documented here:

This run contradicts the expected behaviour:

Is this a bug in GitHub Actions?

Hi @gerhard ,

Thank you for reaching this out!

I forked your repo, and cannot reproduce the same, my workflow here. Could you please re-run the workflow and check if the error persists? 

And could you please let me know how you trigger the push event? Did you directly push on github web, or from local client? Did you merge code to the branch? If it does, is there any workflow file defined in the source branch?

Hi @weide-zhou,

We have hit the same issue a couple of times since (the error persists):

It does behave as expected every now and then:

We always push from local client, sometimes force-push.

We didn’t merge the branch with the workflow (github-actions) into the master branch, the workflow configs only exist in this branch. We didn’t merge any other branch into the github-actions one.

Hi @gerhard ,

I have reported this issue and it’s under investigation now, will update once there’s a response from engineering team, thanks.

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Hi @gerhard ,

Dev team recently shipped some changes that address issues with re-runs, could you please check if it’s still reproducible on your repo?