jobs.<job_id>.timeout-minutes & jobs.<job_id>.steps.timeout-minutes - scoping

The docs seem to imply that timeout-minutes can be used both on a job and a step level.

Added it to a step, and the job hung up on some downloads on an earlier step, and it timed out.

IOW, adding it at a step level seems to affect the job, or maybe is applied to all steps?

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Once the total minutes taken by the steps that have ran or started reaches the set timeout-minutes of job, the whole job will be canceled, even if the timeout-minutes of the step is set to more than that of job.

For example, the timeout-minutes of job is 3, and the timeout-minutes of a step in the job is 6. When the job starts to run, the step only has 3 minutes at most to run. If the earlier steps have taken some minutes before this step, the remaining minutes will be less.