Job gets stuck at Task randomly when run using matrix

Github action’s job run against a matrix of os gets struck at random os on a particular task and could not get any logs to verify if it is because some issue with our script.

An instance where it got struck

Sometimes wrong job gets triggered from matrix with unresolved names

Sorry for this bad experience. I checked the actions in your repo , some later workflow runs were failed with the same issue.  I am trying to contact github engineering team to investigate your issue. It may need some time. You patience will be appreciated. 

Yes, Seems test is hanging because of some issue with the test framework which I could replicate locally too now. But it would be really helpful to see live logs, currently logs are visible only after the process is killed due to memory heap getting full which takes almost 2 hours. Jobs using matrix triggered with unresolved names seems a genuine issue with actions.

The in progress step logs could not be expanded issue is under investigation now. It may need sometime to find the root cause and reslove it. 

>>Jobs using matrix triggered with unresolved names seems a genuine issue with actions.

I checked your later workflow runs, I just found the unresolved name in failed workflow runs where dependent job  of matrix job failed. This is an expected behavior. Cause the matrixs job will be skipped, there is no need to resolve the jobs name.  Can you reproduce the scenario which you reported in the second reply?


This is an instance where all other jobs are passed with one matrix job with unresolved name

Thank you for your example workflow run. I have reported this issue to engineering team, it may take some time for them to investigate this issue.  Thank you for your understanding.