Job "console" annotations are badly linked

As documented at Workflow commands for GitHub Actions - GitHub Docs using the ::error:: prefix a generic tool can annotate a job/step in a workflow.

Notice, exactly the same functionality is being exercised by the actions/toolkit - see toolkit/command.ts at 1cc56db0ff126f4d65aeb83798852e02a2c180c3 · actions/toolkit · GitHub

As in both cases file/line properties are not required when rendered in the GitHub Actions UI they appear with job-name .github#L1 anchor that leads to nowhere (or I would say to a very wrong place) - for example see

I would be best if such annotations a linked to the job/step that generated them in the first place.

Further looking at the implementation, found that the actions/runner matching the ::error:: in the log records its location - see runner/ExecutionContext.cs at 1e12b8909a17f28b85b7273546b70d59685481b6 · actions/runner · GitHub. Apparently, if not mistaken, that should provide a precise anchor for the recorded annotation and properly link it back to the job/step log in the presentation (i.e. **job-name** .github#L1) .

Could someone from the GitHub support confirm the problem? Is it a known issue and are there any plans to fix it?