JFrog Artifactory Actions

Most of the JFrog Artifactory actions in the Marketplace are based on Docker, which means they will run only on Linux based runners. Is this because they use JFrog CLI? Can the CLI be used on Windows or Mac? If so, how to wrap them in a custom action so that we can use on any platform? Please help.

Hey @vesubramanian

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding here, but I think you might want to contact JFrog directly:

Let us know if I’ve incorrectly interpreted your post, though! :bow:

Thanks for the response. I am not happy with the support / documentation of JFrog. Since there are already actions in the Marketplace most of which are Docker based, I was just curious. Also, my question is not just limited to JFrog CLI, but in general, if I want to invoke & install any CLI from within Custom GitHub actions, should it be Docker based only (in that case, it will run on Linux only)?