Jetbrains plugin for Github Copilot

I’d like to develop a plugin for Jetbrains that works similar like the VSCode Plugin.

Is there any way you can apply for the Copilot team?


You know, I have to imagine that they have a plan eventually expand. In the FAQ they state ‘not yet’, so that tells me that they are not discounting the idea. ATM they are solidly focused on VS Code, which makes sense since GitHub is owned by Microsoft, so why not build it first for their most popular dev tool? I imagine once it is stable and working well they will shift focus to build plugins for the other IDEs.

I don’t think it’s an open-source project so. I don’t see any visible way to apply, you probably have to work for GitHub.


Nat Friedman already confirmed on Twitter that they are working on integrating Copilot with Rider, along with a screenshot of it working. So I’m guessing we’ll see something within the next 3-6 months.

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Just a crazy idea, but you could theoretically (if you have access) use OpenAI Codex which is currently in beta & free to use. It would probably not be far off “the real deal” since it’s basically what Copilot uses just with their own tweaks and optimizations.

But that is a solution only for now, because if Codex starts to be a paid service then you probably would be better off using/paying for Copilot. Access to Codex will probably be more expensive than Copilot.

Any link you can share about the information you just mentioned?

Yeah sure! Sorry about that.


Thanks mate! Really appreciate it. Excited for the plugin for Rider.

Anybody heard any news about copilot plugin for Jetbrains Rider?

It’s now available: copilot-docs/ at 2863789ac7db1c01184bf266e96b659282ce8daa · github/copilot-docs · GitHub

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Well, it seems to work for IntelliJ Idea (as demonstrated in the repo), but in my testing it doesn’t currently work in Rider (Maybe EAP?), and trying to manually install it says that there’s a conflicing module, which points to com.intellij.modules.rider:sweat_smile:

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Tried to add the plugin repository in Jetbrains Rider but it says “No plugins found. Check the log file for errors.”


Did it manually as well, and have the same result as yours.

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I have the same error in PHPStorm