Jekyll Posts vs Custom Collections

Hello everyone! I’m new to Jekyll and trying to understand the differences between _posts and custom collections on GitHub Pages. It seems that the “cons” are that post filenames require a date and must be output: true, and the “pros” are that the page listing posts can be paginated (while custom collections cannot be paginated), and the date is parsed from the filename automatically. Are there any other differences between _posts and custom collections? Specifically: do tags and categories work the same? Are there certain (GitHub Approved) plugins that only work on _posts? Thank you for your help!

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Hi @alexmadjar,

Thank you for being here, the difference between  categories  and  tags  is a  category can  be part of the URL for a post whereas a  tag  cannot. Here is a user’s blog post about using Tags and Categories in your Jekyll based Github Pages without plugins.

Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I read that in the Jekyll Docs, but I was asking about Collections vs Posts, not about Categories vs Tags.