Jekyll Pages blog posts stopped rendering

The titles of posts on my blogs main page have disappeared and post pages have stopped rendering.


It’s a Jekyll blog and has been fine for years now. I haven’t made any changes to the templates, I only added a few new posts.

Is there an issue with Pages rendering Jekyll blogs at the minute?

How can I troubleshoot the issue?

Check the Actions tab of your repository, and specifically the “build” job of the Pages build workflow. I can see that the log of the most recent one lists some errors, I’m not sure if that causes the problem though:

Hope this helps!

Thanks @airtower-luna!

I fixed the issue, I had a double quote in a frontmatter that was incorrectly encoded. The editor I was using uses these weird double quotes when it’s in “natural” mode, which is apparently better for writing, but not so great for yml.

I’ve had the Jekyll blog since before actions got released, so I had never thought to look on the Actions tab, I had no idea the build and deploy was done via an Action.

The errors you mentioned were buried in a successfully completed step, green on the outside, errors on the inside. I wish I understood why this happens, I see this a lot in my other actions. It makes discovery of issues much more difficult than it needs to be.

I’m curious now about the build and deploy workflow. I looked in the action but I didn’t see a way to view the workflow file.

Do you happen to know if the code for this action is open source?

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The log for the “Build page with Jekyll” step says its using this action:

So yes. :slightly_smiling_face: